Saturday, 14 February 2009

The preparation begins!

After a long winter layoff, I've started working on the car again. I've bought a new trickle charger to get the battery in tip-top condition and I've just fitted my new Kirkey seat:


It makes getting in and out of the car a real pain but once inside and strapped in, it is more comfortable than the old Elise seat I ran last year. Should be safer and has the added bonus of being very light.

I have lots still to do before the season kicks off with a test session at Kames on 14 March.

My first competitve outing will be in the HSA Championship at Curborough on 5th April. For the first time, I'll be competing against other MX-5s this year in the only national championship with a class for the marque.

I'll also be defending my class titles in the TJ Services Norther Speed Championship and on the Windowcraft Lowland Speed Championship

Can't wait!