Sunday, 15 April 2012

Kames Season Opener - 15 April 2012

I had my first dry outing in the Flaming Saxo today and it turned out to be strange sort of day for a number of reasons. First off, there were no times published as we went through the event. This is very frustrating as you have no idea how well you are doing against the competition. So despite there being a big class entry (around 10), there wasn't much banter about the times. It also means I have no idea what times I posted as I left before the final results were published.

I do know that my first couple of runs were quite slow - I am still getting the feel for this car having only done a few runs at Kames and 4 runs at Harewood. My third run ended with a spin at the hairpin down to basic driver error. My final run was a bit quicker and I think I nipped under the 100 second mark but until I get confirmation, I don't actually know!

The Saxo ran well but is still dripping oil from various places (mainly rocker covers). This is no more that a slight weep but it really bugs me so I will have to fix it properly. My tyres are on their last legs so I'll need to find some cash for new ones.

On the upside, it was great to catch up with the other guys in the paddock, especially the Wigton crew. Particularly nice to see Dave Exton doing a bit of marshalling on the start line.

Next event is likely to be Kames in late May. Maybe my new ECU will be here by then.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

4 days to go

First event of 2012 is looming (this Sunday) and I still have a pile of jobs to sort out.

I still have to fix the bottom radiator hose which was a real pig to get off due to the very restricted access at the rear of the engine. Finding a replacement has been troublesome too. The secondhand one I bought was the wrong one (they changed the angle of the connector pipe in about 2001) and the new one I bought for a 106 Gti is too short (106s must be shorter). So, a bodge will be needed before Sunday.

Two hoses - one fits, one doesn't

I still have the blowing exhaust to fix, road tax to get and a timing strut to make so I'm going to be busy this week.

On the positive side, the entry for Sunday's event at Kames is very healthy - I think I counted around 80 entries which is fantastic. There are 10 in my class alone which will make for some great competition - something I've missed in the last year or two. On paper, I should be quite competitive although there is a very quick Toyota Starlet that is capable of sub-96 secs which I won't manage. I'm aiming to get a time of around 98 secs if the weather is kind.