Sunday, 28 June 2015

Back in the saddle

Well, it has been a long time since I put finger to keyboard and wrote up my blog. For the past two years I've been messing about with old Mercedes Benz, eating strawberries on the lawn at classic car shows and generally wishing I had another racingFIVE.

In the three years I have been away from speed events, a dedicated MX5 class has been created with over 25 registrants and regularly 10-15 cars entered. The racing is close and affordable - I needed to be part of that!

In January, I picked up what I thought might be a possible race car - a 2001 Mk2.5 SVT MX-5. It had an MOT, it ran OK but had some bodywork issues. At £400 I thought I couldn't go wrong.

I then spent the next few weeks dismantling, uncovering rust and welding in patches. I would have carried on but I then became aware of a MK2 RS with some important modifications which I thought would be ideal for sprints and Hillclimb. Only problem was - it was in Reading!

Anyway, I got someone local to check out it wasn't a complete rotbox, did a deal on the phone and was down two days later to pick it up.

I did my first event at Kames in May and managed to get a decent 101.08sec  run which was good enough for 5th in class.

I travelled down to Barbon in June and managed to beat my previous personal best, posting 31.95 sec.

Yesterday, I was at Forrestburn and again beat my previous MX5 personal best posting 56.98 sec.

The guys in the paddock are a great crowd. The banter is infectious and everyone helps out when there is a problem. I have missed this racing and it is great to be back.