Sunday, 20 February 2011

RacingPug Pictures

Ok, here are some pics of the new racingPug.


It is completely stripped inside and has a full 10-point OMP cage.


Only 1 seat - it's not the comfiest and I'm not enitrely happy with the mounting - it's ok for now though.



Battery is relocated to the inside which should help the weight distribution:


The sunroof has been removed and an alloy panel bolted in place:


Engine is standard 1360cc TU3S all aluminium. Has a single Solex carb which has apparently been rejetted and a crusty looking Pipercross pancake filter.




Cosmetically, the car is not bad but it its let down by the badly painted bonnet. I can't decide whether to repaint ot or just leave it for the 'rat' look.




So, there he is - Roland, the racingPug. As far as I can tell, he's ready to go. I'll take it down to Kames in March for a good thrash and then decide whether to get it logbooked or tax it and run as road legal.

In the meantime, I'd better do something with the racingMetro.........


Saturday, 19 February 2011

Roland - the racingPug


Well, I'm just back from an 800 mile trip to pick up the new race car. It's a 1989 Peugeot 205 Roland Garros which has been completely stripped out and prepared for the sub-1400cc modified production class.

I haven't had a good look at it yet but the car looks in reasonable nick for its age.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

All change again!

I really am off my head. I've gone and bought yet another car for sprinting!

When I looked at the list of things that needed done to the Metro to get it through the MOT and then added the race preparation work needed (stripping it, fitting the cage, seats etc), I just despaired as my back is still giving me jip.

So, I was on eBay last weekend, not seriously looking at cars and I happened to type 'hillclimb' into the search box. Up popped a promising lookng Peugeot 205 for not a lot of money. A few phone calls later and I was paying a deposit having never even seen the car.

Not only that but it's located in deepest, darkest Berkshire. So, I'm driving down there with the trailer tomorrow night to pick it up. Full details and pictures when I get it......

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Back on track....

Well, things took a turn for the worse after my last post. My back got much worse and I got to the stage where I couldn't really do anything. So, I put the Metro up for sale thinking I could raise some cash and buy a mint MX-5 ready to race (and hence no need to get under the car to do work!). However, the car fell through and my back has been slowly getting better ever since.

So, I managed to get down to Kames on the 29th and got a few runs in. I tried out the Trackmaster software on my new Android Phone which worked reasonably well. But I still don't gel with FWD - too much wheelspin out of the corners - costs me lots of time. I can feel the time literally slipping away.

Anyway, I decided to get the Metro in for a pre-MOT checkup and as expected, there are a few issues:

1. Welding needed to the inner rear valance/arches.
2. Rear brakes need looked at (slight leak).
3. Brake pipe needs replaced
4. Nearside radius arm has excessive play
5. Nearside wheel bearing has excessive play
6. Exhaust system needs a cat to pass emissions.

I'm going to have a go at the welding myself. It's just two wee patches. I've got the steel, I've got the MIG and all the gear and I've ordered an auto darkening helmet. I've had the gear for about 2 years but never used it so I'll do lots of practicing on scrap steel to start. I'll post up my progress for a laugh. Lets hope I don't set the place (or myself) on fire!

The radius arm job looks a bit of a pig - the hydragas needs to be depressurised and then getting the old bearings out of the arm could be tricky. I'm trying to get hold of a whole replacement arm so I can get someone else to refurb it and then I can fit it. Knowing my track record on breaking suspension components, it all has the potential to go badly, badly wrong so watch this space......