Saturday, 22 January 2011

Slipped Disc

Ok, my MSA licence has arrived but already things have started to go awry for 2011.

Firstly, thanks to a mistake in the championship calendar, I've booked the wrong dates for my accomodation at the May Fintray hillclimb. I can't change the dates and the room is not refundable so I'm £60 out of pocket - that's effectively an event I'll have to miss!

Then, there's the slight hinderance of my back injury. Turns out I've got a proplasped L5 disc which is severely hampering my ability to stand up, never mind actually walk. The result is I can't do any work on the Metro and I don't know how long it will take to get better. The test day I had planned for next weekend looks in serious doubt......

As for good news, well I bought a nice gazebo at Autosport International and it arrived yesterday safe and sound. I can't open the box though as its too heavy for me to lift!

I've also got hold of a nice wee Odyssey battery which should save a few kilos. I still need a couple of lightweight bucket seats though.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gearing up for 2011

I've been doing a few administrative tasks for the coming season.

Firstly, I sent off my MSA licence application. I had pondered downgrading to a National B licence and saving £35 but there's always this niggling feeling that I might want to enter a purely National A level event so I decided to stick with that licence grade.

Next, I've rejoined my two motor clubs - Wigton MC and East Ayrshire Car Club. Wigton runs the rejuvinated Cross Border Speed Chamionship 2011 which is visiting Kames, Ingliston, Forrestburn, Barbon, Aintree, Teesside and Harewood. I'm really looking forward to going back to Teesside (where I did my first competitive sprint) and Harewood and I hope to be able to go to Aintree for the first time.

East Ayrshire Car Club runs the Kames motorsport complex and despite not being my geographically nearest club, it feels like my home team because I grew up just a few miles from Kames and I seem to spend a lot of weekends there now. The club is also a key player in the Lowland Speed Championship which I will be entering in 2011.

I've started booking cheap accomodation for some of the further away events - the early bird catches the bargain as they say and it all helps keep costs down. Of course, I intend to do a bit more camping this year - especially at the likes of Harewood and Barbon.

I'm off to the Autosport Show at the NEC on the 15th. I'm taking my 4 year old son, James, for the first time. It promises to be quite an adventure for him (and me). I'm hoping to pick up one or two wee things for the car whilst I'm there.

Finally, I've booked a couple of test days at Kames - at the end of January and in the middle of March. Hopefully that will spur me on to get some work done to the car which now has no tax nor MOT.......