Sunday, 20 September 2009


Saturday was my last visit to Harewood for this year for the penultimate round of the TJ Services Northern Speed Championship.

The weather was fantastic and the craic was even better. I was hoping to score ten points to keep my championship hopes alive but alas it was not to be.

I did, however, come second of the championship contenders - beaten fair and square by Chris Harris in his awesome Lotus Elise S2. I also managed to beat my previous best time at Harewood of 74.18secs. My new best time is 74.07secs.

The result means that it all comes down to the final round at Kames on 4 October. The unofficial points are as follows:

Paul Rigg 60 points
Kev Hamilton (me) 60 points
Chris Harris 56 points
Dave Exton 50 points

In theory, any one of us could win the class but Paul and Chris have the best chance due to the dropped scores system. The most I can score is 62 points if I win at Kames. However, Paul and Chris could still both easily score 62 and if its a three way tie then Paul would win as he had highest score in Round 1. It's all prety complicated but realistically, I'm aiming for third place now. I knew I would rue that 4/100ths I lost by at Forrestburn!

Photos will follow as soon as I get some.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The racing is interupted

Forrestburn 29 Aug 2009
Photo: Stephen Hynds

Forrestburn on 29 August saw the VX out for its first run. I managed a time similar to my MX-5 times (58.4sec) which was ok, if a touch disappointing. I think I need lots of practice before venturing out on the hills again in the VX.

I should have been at Ty Croes on Anglesey for the weekend of 5/6 September but due to my wife suddenly taking ill and me having to ferry back and forwards to hospital and watch the kids, I had to pull out at the last minute. I had been really looking forward to it but it can wait. Thankfully, the better half is now on the road to recovery.

For next year's campaign, I've acquired a small trailer to allow me to take the family with me and save some miles on the car. I'll be on the lookout for a cheap estate towcar soon - I fancy either a Volvo V70 (again!), a Skoda Octavia (again!) or a Vauxhall Omega (for the first time!).

Finally, I'm off to Bo'ness for the hillclimb revival on Saturday - I'll try and remember my camera! Then I'm off with my eldest (he's only 3!) on a run with the Scottish Fivers on Sunday - that should be a laugh.