Monday, 23 July 2012

Next event - Three Sisters Sprint - 5 August

I've had my entry confirmed for the Three Sisters Sprint near Wigan on 5 August.  It's a couple of years since I was there but its a cracking wee kart circuit much like Teesside so provided the weather is kind to us, it should be a good day out.

I'm don't think I'll have the new ECU running as I haven't yet got it working but I have at least installed the software and got it configured ready for starting up.  I just need to calibrate the throttle sensor and then it should fire up.  Then I have to choose between getting and installing a wideband lambda sensor and mapping on-road or paying for a mapping session on a rolling road.....

Monday, 9 July 2012

Time for an update

It's been a while since I posted here. I did try but I had some technical glitches with my smartphone and I rarely get the old laptop out these days.  That and I've been busy with my family and my new car purchase - a 1983 Mercedes S class!

Anyway, back to the racing car.  The oil leak seems to have been fixed (hooray) and I've had it out at Teesside and Barbon since my last post.  Both outings were great competitive days with great craic from the Wigton Motor Club guys.  I managed to bag some worthwhile championship points from both events although didn't manage to get any trophys at either.

Barbon was particularly interesting in terms of the weather.  There were times when it looked like the whole event was going to be abandoned and that is exactly what happened, albeit after I had my four runs.  My last run was comical - I must have forgotten to shut the tailgate properly and managed to do the whole run with the tailgate acting as a massive air brake!

The Barbon Paddock

Barbon timed run results

I've bought some new tyres - I opted for Maxsport RB5 principally on the basis of cost.  They should last me a couple of seasons.

Finally, I've fitted a new programmable ECU but have done nothing about getting it up and running, never mind mapping it.  It will probably have to come off again before my next event.

Talking of which, I had planned on doing Kames at the end of July but I had to curtail my family holiday last week due to chickenpox and I've re-scheduled it for the Kames weekend - sometimes family comes before racing.

The new ECU