Sunday, 30 October 2011

Photos from the archive

Well, not really the 'archive' - just some photos I found on a camera that had been lying around for a few months.

A fat Orange bloke sitting in the racingMetro with no seats!

The racingPug at Ingliston before it broke down

Some fat bloke eating a donut at Ingliston

Monday, 24 October 2011

Autumn tidy up

Not much happening in racingFive land at the moment. I spent the weekend tidying up the garage in preparation for doing some jobs on the Saxo. I put some shelves up, cleared a bit more space on the floor and dismantled an old MX-5 engine that had been lying on my workbench for several years.

A visit to the local scrappy is in order to get some of the old metal lying around weighed in and raise some much needed racing fund cash. A win win situation - I get some of my garage space back and some readies in hand. I hear batteries are over £400 a tonne and I've got at least three lying about - that could be the best part of £25! I must remember to claim the tax back on the Saxo too........

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

End of Season Victory - Kames 3 October

The final sprint of the year took place at Kames on Sunday courtesy of Wigton Motor Club.

Poor weather conditions made it tricky to really get the car going but the good news is it performed without any major hitches.

The low entry meant the road going classes were amalgamated meaning I was up against a range of cars from the very quick Peugeot 205 Rallye of David Wiggins to the hairdressers special MR-2 of Dave Exton and the Honda S2000 of Ronnie MacGregor. A very nice Lotus of Alex Thornton made up the class.

I managed to win the class comfortably with a time of 102.87 seconds - not bad considering the wet conditions. Next closest was David Wiggins (who holds the A1 class record) who managed a 104 sec run. Dave had a bad day though as he crashed into the tyres and did a bit of damage to the nearside of the car. Strangely, I was on track at the same time and also had an off (at the hairpin) - someone said it was like synchronised crashing. Luckily, I did no damage.

The wee Saxo has a lot of potential and could be very competitive in the Wigton championship. A few little issues emerged through the day - a small oil leak from one of the camshaft seals, the battery gave up the ghost at the end, and there is a bit of 'looseness' in the offside front strut.

Still, it gives me some work to do over the winter......