Monday, 29 July 2013

Kames results keep me smiling

I've just seen the results for the weekend double header at Kames and was surprised to see no-one of the six (yes SIX) MX5 entrants in class A8 got close to my fastest MX5 time of 100.25 sec. The closest was John Roddick's 101.87  - a quick time nonetheless. Richy Bolton was very close behind with 101.92 sec. Close racing indeed.

Definitely time for the Scottish Championship to include an MX5 class and its also time for me to make a comeback.....

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The long hiatus continues

It's six months since I posted on here so you might have guessed that I've taken a break from sprints and hill climbs. I never quite found the right MX5 and once the season started I decided to just take a year out and focus on getting my old Merc  back on the road.

I've been to a few hill climb events as a spectator. There is a great wee group of guys battling away in class A8 of the Scottish championships this year - ironically, the close competition comes from the fact that they are all using very similar MX5s. So, it seems I was a trailblazer.

Most of my fastest times have now been beaten by these guys but they still haven't managed to get under the magic 100 seconds on the Kames clockwise track. Maybe that will happen in July....