Saturday, 7 May 2011

A few weeks off

The season has only just begun but I've done 4 events so I've decided to take the month of May off - next planned event is Teesside on 30 May.

There's some news on the racingMetro, though. Further to my rash decision to get rid of it, I had a change of heart and decided to strip out the interior completely to get a proper look at the rust.




I then trial fitted the cage and took the car down to Clark and Scott at McDonald Minis in Wallyford for an appraisal. After much poking, scraping and hammering, it was agreed that the shell was repairable with some small plates and the cage could be fitted quite easily. So, I should be getting it in at the beginning of June for the welding and cage fitting. Clark will do the other work needed at the same time so by the end of June I should have a roadworthy car again.

Then I'll just need to get it ready for running in the A1 class but I expect to have it out by Forrestburn in August........

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