Friday, 8 April 2016

2016 Season Commences

The 2016 sprint and hillclimb season begins tomorrow with a weekend double header at Kames in East Ayrshire.
This year, I'm hoping to be competitive in the MX5 class of the Maxxsport Lowland Speed Championship but I'm also competing in the Vanline UK XBC Crossborder Speed Championship.I'm
I've done no development work on the white racingFive over the winter but I did undertake some maintenance jobs to hopefully improve reliability.
The one big change is tyres - this year I'm running on List 1b Nangkang NS2-R which is a control tyre for the Lowland Championship class. I've done some pre-season testing and the results are promising....
So, this weekend, there are 17 entries in the MX5 class - close competition is guaranteed by tight regulations. I'm hoping for a top 5 position but most importantly I really want to beat my personal bests of 100.07 sec Clockwise and 93.55 sec anti-clockwise.
Finally, this weekend I'm sharing the car with fellow competitor Angus Buchan whose normal steed is not suited to the high g-forces of Kames. He's promised not to beat me. ;-)

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