Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Suspension woes and a busy weekend

I did a wee test session at Kames a couple of weeks ago to try out a couple of things. When I got back home, I noticed that the rear anti-roll bar bracket had sheared off the wishbone. Seems the droplinks had been incorrectly fitted and that might have put additional stress on the bracket.

Getting hold of a replacement wishbone proved tricky - turns out they are becoming hard to source secondhand due to rust issues and new ones are very expensive.

However, I managed to source a couple from another MX5 competitor and duly replaced the broken arm.

In the meantime, my neighbour borrowed my MIG welder and before he returned it I suggested he have a go at welding the bracket back on the broken arm. He did a good job so I decided to fit that arm back on.

Hopefully it will all be good as I have a busy racing weekend coming up. First I'm off to Kames on Saturday where there will be 15 MX5s slogging it out in the EunosEcosse/Lowland Speed Championship. Then I drive straight down the M6 for a hillclimb at Scammonden Dam, near Huddersfield on Sunday.

The entry list is sparse for this but my old sparring partner, Chris Harris is there with his Lotus Elise so that should be fun.

Last time I was there was in July 2009 when I set my PB of 30.71 secs. On that day, I was beaten by Chris Harris in his Lotus who did a 28.98 second run. Here's hoping the tables are turned on Sunday!

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