Friday, 5 September 2008

More testing

I had another session at Kames tonight. This was the first outing with my brand spanking new Marangoni Zeta Lineas. These tyres get rave reviews amongst the sprint/hillclimb fraternity but get slated for normal road use, especially in the wet.

My first impressions are fairly good. I started with cold pressure of 27psi and after 2 runs at Kames, pressure had risen to 33psi. They seem to get heat in them very easily and the compound seems very soft for a List 1A road tyre.

Handling was good for brand new tyres - a wee bit squirmy at first but once they heated up it was spot on. Managed some understeer/oversteer transition coming out of the hairpin and they seemed to hold on well through the paddock bend.

They won't last long though. I reckon I've scrubbed about 1mm off them in just 8 or 9 runs tonight.

I'm due back at Kames next week for more testing. I must try short-shifting out of paddock to see if I can save a gear change at Gemmell's................

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