Friday, 29 August 2008

Going Faster

I've got loads of time to think about how to improve my times before the season finale at Kames on 5 October.

I started with a test session at Kames last night, courtesy of East Ayrshire Motor Club. Despite arriving late due to a road closure, I managed about 8 runs all for just £10. I got some great tips from a Kames regular, Lesley Sheridan, who was kind enough to sit in on a run. She reassured me that my approach to Paddock bend was fine but I could carry more speed through Norrie's and Gemmell by taking a different line. I put it into practice and, boy, did it feel quicker!

I'll be back at Kames for more testing in a fortnight and by then I'll have my new tyres too............

I've ordered a set of Marangoni Zeta Linea in 195/50 15. These are ultra sticky List 1A tyres which, by all accounts, should save me a second a run! They cost a princely sum of £33 each fitted - so it's not a huge risk if they turn out to be rubbish. Time will tell........

The final piece of the jigsaw is to save a wee bit more weight by fitting the Elise passenger seat that's been littering my garage for 9 months. I'll give that a go in the next couple of weeks.

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