Wednesday, 21 May 2008

2008 season beginnings

As I write this, I've already spent a winter preparing the car with new suspension from Performance5

The kit included new adjustable height shocks and stiffer springs.

Fitting the kit proved to be a traumatic experience, resulting in snapped bolts, much head scratching, excessive use of a blowtorch and expensive repairs.

Anyway, after a mad rush I had the car corner weighted and aligned at Dreadnought in Callander and I was ready for the first event at Kames. I was lucky enough to secure some support from the and they turned out in numbers to support me at my first event.

That has since been followed by a hillclimb at Forrestburn where I managed to nearly end up in a lake and subsequent sprints at East Fortune and Teesside.

I still haven't won any awards but at least I'm not always coming last now (unlike last year!).

I've made some adjustments to the suspension set-up as the anti-roll bars seemed too stiff with the new springs so I'll be running the standard ARBs again.

This weekend sees a double header at Kames so I'll post a full report and pictures after that.

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