Saturday, 31 May 2008

All set for another sprint

23/05/2008, originally uploaded by kevham.

The car developed a nasty clunk from the suspension after Kames last week. so I decided to spend a few hours trying to track it down.

Turns out it was a loose ARB droplink which I must have failed to tighten properly. On inspection, it looks like the droplinks are all shot so I'll be ordering some replacements to be fitted before Barbon on 14 June.

I've got the new Toyo T1-Rs on now and I have to say they feel a wee bit vague on the road but they do seem quite sticky. I'm quite keen to try these tyres in a lower profile and am considering 195/45 14 size which would improve the gearing for tighter circuits like Kames.

Anyway, wether forecast for tomorrow is good so I'm looking to beat the magic 100 secs although I'm wondering if removing the K&N Typhoon kit has lost me a bit of horsepower?????

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