Sunday, 25 May 2008

Kames Sprint Round 2

25/05/2008, originally uploaded by kevham.

Sunday started with a trip back to Kames in the Skoda as we had left the Racing Five at the track overnight. The early start did not agree with the whole family though - wee James got a bit car-sick and chundered up his breakfast banana on the way to Muirkirk. After a quick clean up operation, we were soon there.

The sprint was organised by the Machars car club who are so laid back they are horizontal. The consequence of this was that we didn't start until after 10.30am (despite there being no need for major scrutineering).

The car felt ok on the first practice. I got a very poor start and took it nice and easy to settle back into having the stock roll bars - the last time I was clockwise at Kames I had Toyo 888s and stiff roll bars! My first run clocked 104secs.

Second run I got a better start but missed 3rd gear going down through "Gemmell's" and was well off the limit on the paddock bend. I managed 102.10secs - 2 secs off my personal best of 100.25secs set in April.

First time run and I decided to crank the shockers up to 10 clicks front and 11 clicks rear. The car was less settled this time and certainly seemed a bit twitchy - I managed 102.94secs.

Final run and I soften the dampers slightly. This time I got another poor start but went much quicker round paddock - on one lap, I managed to get a bit sideways! Unfortunately, this is not the quickest way round a track so i only managed 101.89secs - over 1.5secs slower than I've been.

The car feels more neutral with the standard anti-roll bars on - I was able to control the slides with plenty of warning and there was not a hint of understeer this weekend.

I think my tyres are past their best - there's a big flat spot on the front passenger tyre and they are starting to crack a bit so they need to be replaced before next weekend's Wigton Sprint back at Kames.

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