Saturday, 24 May 2008

Kames sprint - 24 May 2008

24/05/2008, originally uploaded by kevham.

Well day 1 is over and it was a bit strange. The weather was fine (if a touch windy) but I was a bit out of sorts as I had done my back in fitting the stock ARBs on Friday.

It was also my first time going anti-clockwise at Kames and it is a completely different track in that direction.

The morning got off to lousy start as there was a shortage of marshals, meaning some drivers had to help out and only 1 car on track at a time - things dragged a bit!

I managed 99 secs on my first run which seemed very slow in comparison to others. The car felt very skittish and I had a big lock-up coming into the hairpin. I decided to lower the tyre pressures a bit.

Second run I managed 95.63 secs and I thought there was a bit more to come as I made another big mistake at the hairpin. However, third run I only managed 95.17secs.

Then there was a big delay as there was a whole sump load of oild dumped on the track and much effort was required to clean it up.

Final run came round and i managed 95.04secs. Last in class (by a long way) and one of the slowest overall. Nevermind. It sets a benchmark for my next outing going 'the wrong way round'..........

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