Monday, 18 August 2008

Cumbria Classic Car Show

Yesterday I did my bit for Wigton Motor Club and helped out at their annual Cumbria Classic Car Show. The event, billed as the largest classic show in the north of England was indeed a big deal with apparently over 400 entrants.

I pulled the short straw and ended up marshalling entrants as they arrived at the entrance gate. These folk take their polishing seriously and some were a wee bit miffed at having to drive into a muddy field but there you go.

I managed to get my car displayed, pride of place, in the Wigton club display. Would you believe that out of 400 cars, mine was the only MX5. Lots of folk showed an interest and I even caught some kids taking photos of it!

Anyway, I took a few photos on my camera too..........

Cumbria Classic
The Racing Five

Cumbria Classic
Some MGBs

Cumbria Classic
A very unusual sight

Cumbria Classic
I'd love one of these

Cumbria Classic
Testarossa !

And finally......

What the hell is that noise??????? (could it be the snoring of a certain Wigton speed series competitor?)

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